Happy (almost) December!

It’s December tomorrow! Which means it’s totally socially acceptable everywhere to talk about Christmas, and be ready for Christmas, and have a Christmas tree!  We went to get our Christmas tree yesterday, we also went and visited Santa for Autumn’s first time.  She wasn’t really a fan, but we don’t generally let strange men hold her, so it’s not really that surprising.  Plus, she was tired :p

I had a goal in November to get my Christmas shopping done this month, and I’ve pretty much accomplished that!  Aside from a couple of small things that I still need to pick up, everything is ready to go.  All I have to do now is wrap it up and put it under the tree.  All I have left to do is the homemade stuff, which hopefully won’t take too long, but we’ll see.

Otherwise, I’m just ready to hang out, enjoy my newly decorated, beautiful smelling tree, listen to Christmas music, and drink hot chocolate.  Gotta love December!  PLUS!! The best part.  I’m not in school this year, so I don’t have to think about finals I can just think about Christmas!  So happy about that, I can’t even begin to describe how happy that makes me.

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

  1. One day left to sign up for Dressember!
    This will be my third year participating in Dressember, and this year I’m wearing one dress all month.  It’ll be so great!  You should sign up 😉 Alternatively, you can donate here!
  2. My brother got engaged!!
    I’m so excited for them! I love my new sister in law! <3
  3. My David’s Tea Advent Calendar
    We got it at the beginning of November, so I’ve been waiting all month to be able to make the tea.  I can’t wait till tomorrow.  It smells amazing, and I’ve mostly been able to keep what kinds of teas there are a surprise

What are you excited for this week/month?


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  1. A quick question for you, as our daughters are about the same age I think (my baby turns 13 months old tomorrow), does your little one get into monkey business around your tree? My baby walks and gets into everything, so I’m not sure how safe it will be to have a tree around this year.
    Other than the tree safety concern, I am excited to decorate the house this week!

    1. We’ve only had it up for a couple of days, but she hasn’t seemed to interested in it! She went for the watering can that was under it to top up the water in it, but other than that, she just hasn’t been interested. We even put some non-breakable ones down low so she could touch them if she wanted, but hasn’t so far.
      It’s so hard to say with such little ones though, some are all about pulling down the ornaments, some aren’t! Good luck with yours! Hopefully she’s not interested in it either 😉

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