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This last weekend was crazy! Crazy awesome!  It was my daughter’s first birthday, and along with it came her first birthday party.  It was so much fun to be able to get everyone in our house to celebrate one year of Autumn!  While it was a little overwhelming at times, it was also so great to be able to see everyone who was there for us in a major way during Autumn’s first year all together in one room.  I had a great time, I just wish I had been able to talk more with a bunch of people.

The last few weeks were all about getting ready for the birthday party, and I’m glad that it went so well!  One of my favourite parts was that my sister, who lives out of town, was able to be here for it.  It was so special for Autumn to have her Ciocia at her birthday party.

But what’s next?  Christmas of course!  I need to clean up my studio and un-first-birthday-afy everything, and get ready to bring Christmas to the house!  One of my goals I shared from last week was to get my Christmas shopping done this month, and I think I have a pretty good start to that.  In the very least, I have ideas of what I want to do 😉  That’s a start, right?


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