November Goals

I haven’t done anything like this in a really long time.  I think the whole thing about having a new baby is that it’s not really reasonable to make goals for things until you feel like you have some kind of handle on it all.  If I had tried to make goals for November 2014, I would have been even more upset at the end of the month.  Having a new baby is hard, man.  If you’re a new mom, give yourself grace and a few months (or even the whole first year) off setting specific goals for yourself.  You’ll thank yourself later 😉

Anyway, here are my goals for November 2015:

  1. Finish my Christmas Shopping this month
    I really really don’t want to do any Christmas shopping in December.  The malls are just nuts and it’s wayy too much for me!  Last year I tried it (with a newborn) and it was silly of me.  This year I’d like to get the shopping done as soon as possible, so I can focus on baking and merrymaking.
  2. Start on my Christmas baking
    I want to do a bunch of baking in November, then freeze it until I need it in December.  Then, I can have a big variety of things to choose from because I baked so much before.  AND I won’t have to feel overwhelmed about baking so much in like a week.
  3. Blog more
    I feel like I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner lately.  I’d like to get back into it more this month for sure! I miss it.
  4. Get out more
    My husband has been taking the car to work now, so I’ve been feeling really stuck in the house.  It’s gonna get colder, it can only get colder from here, but I still feel like I should be going at least for short walks or something.  It’ll be good for Autumn to get that fresh air anyway.
  5. Relax more
    I feel like I’m always moving and doing something.  As odd as it is to say my goal is to do less, I would like to do less.

What are your goals for the month of November?


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