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It’s been a week since I’ve posted, and I can’t believe it.  Can October please just slow down? I’m not ready for November tbh.  Normally I wouldn’t say anything and just carry on, but it’s just been such a hectic week that I want to share what we’ve been up to around here lately.

  1. Canadian Election
    Last week was the Election (which I posted about here), and I am SO happy about the results!  I can definitely celebrate the results by doing all the Canadian things I listed in my post.  Still need to get some poutine though!
  2. Craft Projects
    I mostly feel like I’m not doing enough, but I also feel like I’m doing things All. The. Time, so it can’t really be both, can it?  Either way, I have a specific deadlines for myself for things, and I’m not meeting them and it’s making me frustrated.  I can do it!! I just need to … do it.
  3. Autumn’s birthday!
    She’ll be one in just under 2 weeks (aah) and I have a lot to do!! I still don’t know all the food I’m going to serve, and I don’t know what gift to get her.  There’s a lot to think about
  4. In general
    I don’t know if I would call it seasonal affectiveness persay, but I get bummed out when the weather starts to get crappy.  It hasn’t been THAT BAD here, thankfully, but it’s colder in the house more often.. which means it’s colder outside, too.  Blah.  All I can do is think about Christmas and feel better 😉

What have you been up to lately?


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