How to Celebrate that you Voted in the Canadian Election

Oh Canada!

In case you haven’t heard, today is the day to vote in the Federal Election of Canada.  If you haven’t voted yet (why not?), there’s still time! Go right now!! If you have, that’s so great and you’re wonderful.  Voting is definitely something to be celebrated.  While I was disappointed that there wasn’t a sticker or button that we received upon voting (I might have to make my own), I think that there are lots of other ways to celebrate the fact that we voted today, and the fact that we made a difference.

Here are some of the ways we might be celebrating the Canadian Election today:

  1. Food
    Go get some Ketchup Chips, eat some Poutine, drink some maple syrup!  Eat it all!  Bonus points if you get some (chocolate) Smarties, Coffee Crisps & maple sugar candy.
  2. Selfie!
    Share your Voting Selfie on Instagram/Facebook! There are a number of hashtags you can use: #ivoted, #cdnpoli, #canadavotes, etc! Find one you like and use it 🙂
  3. Clothes
    It may be October and there is definitely no snow where we are, but why not show your Canadian pride by getting out your snow suit and trying it on for fun?  You could even include it in the voting selfie 😉
  4. Movies/TV Shows
    Here are some great Canadian TV shows/movies to watch: Degrassi (original, next generation, whichever you want), Corner Gas, Anne of Green Gables, or just start watching the election coverage on the CBC.
  5. DON’T mess with a moose
    If you see a moose, don’t get so excited that you think you should go up to it and try to take your post-vote selfie with it.  It is giant and dangerous.  Take a picture from a safe distance!! Same goes for other wild/awesome/Canadian animals!
  6. But seriously, go vote.
    It’s your civic duty to go vote. It’ll take you approximately 30 seconds to two minutes. And it really does make a difference.


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