yay autumn!

This past Wednesday was the official first day of autumn!  I’m even more excited about fall this year, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that my daughter has the same name as the season.  Everywhere I look, people are writing about things to do in autumn, and fun things about autumn.  I love that!  It makes it more fun for me for sure!

Here are a few other things I’m excited about for this autumn:

  1. Halloween
    It’s Autumn’s first Halloween!  I’m so excited to make her costume, and dress up with her.  I kind of want to have a few different costumes for her, so we can go to a couple of things.  I think that would be super fun!
  2. Fun fall activities
    Stuff that doesn’t seem that exciting when you don’t have kids, is going to be so much fun this year with Autumn!  I can’t wait to show her the crunchy leaves, and take her to a pumpkin patch, or to a corn maze.
  3. No school!
    It’s so nice to not be in school this year.  It’s definitely a change from last year!  I’m really enjoying being done school 🙂

What are you excited most excited for this season?


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