Mom Uniform

mom uniform

sweater: Old Navy // jeans: Bluenotes // beret: Wet Seal



mom uniform mom uniform

Now that it’s officially Autumn (yay)!! I thought I’d share what has been essentially my mom uniform for the last little while.  Since it’s (slowly) been getting (slightly) cooler, I’ve basically been wearing this exact outfit for the last couple of weeks, just trade out the specific sweater and pants.

These pictures also give a pretty good glimpse into a very important part of my day.  Nap time!!  Autumn is still napping twice a day, so I get some time during the day to get things done!  For the longest time, she had been sleeping in my arms, but she’s now fully sleeping in her crib for her naps, and I’m so glad that she is.  It was nice getting in the extra cuddles, but it’s also nice to be able to do things, like drink my coffee… and watch her sleep in the video monitor 😉  But for real, I only do that sometimes haha

The other thing is, usually I would make the room look as clean and tidy as possible, but for the mom uniform photos, I really wanted to give an impression of what this mom-business is really like.  And it can be messy.  There’s toys everywhere, there are blankets and pillows strewn about.  And I love it!

Happy 1st day of Autumn!


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