macaron failure

So, this past Sunday, I had some people over to celebrate my friend, and her expected baby at her French themed baby shower!  I didn’t take any pictures of the decor, or the games, or activities, or food, so you’ll have to just take my word for it that it was pretty fabulous.  And I thought that for sure, at a French themed shower, there NEEDS to be macarons.  And I consider myself to be a pretty decent baker, so I figured that macarons were something that I could make on my own.

Boy, was I ever wrong!  I used 2 recipes, made 3 batches, and the one in the picture above was the only one that turned out.

My first batch, I read the instructions wrong and added the wrong thing first.
My second batch, I have absolutely no idea what went wrong.. until the part in the oven.  I read somewhere else to only put in one pan at a time, and I put both in and then switched them halfway through.  If I hadn’t done that, they probably would have been ok.
My third batch, with a new recipe, and I have to say the problem with this one was 100% the recipe.  I am positive that the measurements were off.  There’s a part where you fold the almond meal and icing sugar into the egg whites, and it’s supposed to be like molten lava.  It immediately went solid, like cookie dough.  I think that there was way too much almond meal/icing sugar for the egg whites.  I blame the recipe!

At least they tasted ok… they just were NOT very cute.

Have you ever tried to make macarons?
How did it go?



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  1. I don’t think it was the rotation of pans, I do that all the time and mine turn out okay. Two things to know about macarons: 1) Get a scale and weigh your ingredients. It’s so important. Egg whites can vary in weight so much, and so can almond meal depending on how you pack it. And 2) the more you stir your mixture, the looser it’ll get. It may seem stiff at first but keep stirring and it’ll flow more. Good luck!

    1. Hmm.. Weird! I don’t have silicone pans, is that better for it?
      Thanks for the tips! My baking ego is a little too bruised to try again right away, but I’ll remember this for when I try again in the future!

  2. I have never been able to make them myself! You are not alone:) It is the one treat I have no guilt buying my ego got bust too many times trying to make these.
    Yes if you like vintage/buying vintage gifts for the holidays the next sale is a good one to attend:)

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