Canadian Human Rights Museum Visit

Last week, we finally got to go visit the new Canadian Human Rights Museum that had opened here almost a year ago.  It was so much fun to be able to go see the new National Museum that had opened right here in Winnipeg!  It was interesting to see what the building looked like from the inside, too, because we had basically watched it being built.  We drive by there so often, that we saw a lot of the steps that went into the buildings construction.  Here are some of the pictures I took at the museum:

Canadian Human Rights Museum

dress: Modcloth // shoes: Toms // purse: Aldo


Canadian Human Rights Museum

They had a really interesting interactive exhibit there where images of bubbles appear under you when you go in! It was fun to join in on the dancing already happening there.


Canadian Human Rights Museum

Some of the walkways in the museum.

Canadian Human Rights Museum

Breastfeeding at the Canadian Human Rights Museum was particularily important to me because nursing freely is definitely a human right, and women have the right to feed their babies wherever they are and wherever they need to be fed.  This was taken in the Garden of Contemplation.  No one batted at eye at what I was doing there, which was really nice.

Overall, I found it to be interesting, but kind of sparse.  For such a giant building, I thought that there would be more in it.  The walkways were cool and everything, but it felt like there was a lot missing.  It also felt like there was a lot of emphasis on certain things, but way less on others.  It would be really difficult to decide which human rights events were “important” enough to warrant a bigger exhibit about it, yet some were given that.  I don’t know.  I enjoyed going, and I’m glad we went, but I felt a little bit let down by it.  It took forever to be built, and a lot went into getting it here, and it didn’t seem like there was actually very much to it.

If you’ve been to the Canadian Human Rights Museum, what did you think of it?


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