Road Trip Observations

Parliament of Canada

Inside the Parliament Building

Chicago Skyline

Here are some more of our road trip photos!  After Niagara Falls, we didn’t really take too many pictures.  At that point, we were just trying to get home, so we didn’t think to take out the camera.  But I do have some observations about travelling through Ontario and parts of the north United States.

  1.  Ontario announces itself a lot
    Especially on the trans-Canada highway, it seemed like every 5km or so, there was a sign that said “Ontario”.  I found this particularily interesting because there was a trip I took with some friends when I was younger where we were SURE that we were in Alberta, and we were PISSED because Alberta didn’t welcome us.  Then, it turned out we were still in Saskatchewan.  If Saskatchewan had the thing where they announced where we were every so often, we wouldn’t have been so mad haha
  2. Americans talk on their phones while driving, A LOT
    It was actually pretty ridiculous.  When we were driving around Chicago, there were giant signs that said how many people had DIED that year in that one state from texting and driving.  And the number was REALLY HIGH.  Get off your phones!! Come on!  It was like 500 or something people, and it was July.  Like seriously? Get off your phones.  Whatever you have to say is not that important, I promise.  I kNOW that it’s illegal there to text and drive, too.
  3. Motorcyclists don’t wear helmets in the states
    I don’t think I saw a single motorcyclist in the states wearing a helmet.  I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to do that here, so it was really weird for me to see that.  And they still drove really recklessly, too.  It was pretty scary tbh.


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