How To: Make a small get-together more special

I love having people over and hosting events in my home.  For the longest time, since Autumn was born, I wasn’t really able to do that the way I wanted to though.  It’s pretty difficult to prepare for a get-together or event with a babe-in-arms.  But a few months ago, I had some ladies over for a little get-together, and I decided to make it a little bit more special for my guests.

Here are some small things you can do to make a small get-together a little more special: how to make any get-together special


  1. Make a banner
    I made this banner the night before.  It was very simple to make, and it gave the night a little something extra
  2. Put the food table in the sitting area
    There’s something nice about not having to keep going back and forth to the kitchen for the food.  Plus, this way guests will feel more comfortable with helping themselves to more foox and drinks!
  3. Use a cake platter
    It just looks more fancy when it’s on a platter, even if it’s just a little cheesecake from Superstore 😉
  4. Use real dishes
    It makes it a little more special if you use real dishes instead of paper plates.  It’s not as easy to clean up, but I think it’s worth the hassle of clean up.


turn any get-together into a special event


How do you like to make get-togethers feel more fancy?



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