new mama summer style

new mama summer style

tank top: Bluenotes // shorts: Target // shoes: Plato’s Closet // bracelet: Pandora

new mama summer style


Getting dressed is a little bit more complicated now.  I can’t just put something on because it’s cute, or I like it, I also have to think about if I am able to breastfeed in it.  That makes getting dressed in the morning (or whenever) a little more fun!  I have my closet divided into three sections, which helps a lot.  I’m not constantly staring at clothes that I can’t wear right now because I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed in them.  At the moment, I have my dresses section, my shirts/tops section, and my “I can’t breastfeed in this”/”this doesn’t fit me right now” section.  Luckily, the last section is behind the door, so I don’t even have to look at it if I don’t want to.

It also means that when I get to go out in the evening, and leave my baby with my husband, it’s a little bit more exciting.  I get to wear a bra that DOESN’T snap down!! I get to wear dresses that have tops that AREN’T stretchy, and higher collars!  I can wear things that don’t have buttons up the top!  It’s almost sad how excited I get about this, but it is really exciting.

Most days, though, I’m living in a variation of this outfit.  These shorts! I love them.  Then a tank top of some kind, since it’s so hot out these days.  It’s a pretty great summer outfit though.  And I can breastfeed in it 😉


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