new mama summer style

shirt: thrifted // shorts: Target // necklace: homemade

summer style



new mama style

Almost every time I’m doing outfit photos, I attempt the jump shot.  I don’t know why I still do it.  Especially on days when I’m wearing a necklace, or a skirt.  It’s just fun to try!  I used to be better at it.  My old camera had a great timer feature where it would take 5 pictures in a row.  This camera only takes one.  Oh well 😉  It just means that I get a lot of me either just before I actually jumped, or just after I landed.  So basically, I have a lot of pictures of myself with bent knees.

Officially, I now have an art studio!  It makes me ridiculously happy.  I have a space where I can get stuff done, and I’ve been able to do a lot in here so far.  I love being able to just spend time in my own space and do creative things.  It also helps that if I don’t finish something, I can just leave it there and it doesn’t matter.  We’re almost at the point where, if I were to leave something elsewhere in the house, Autumn would definitely get into it haha.  Can’t have that happening!

This weekend we’re going to three weddings.  It’s going to be SO much fun, but also a lot.  I can’t wait!

What are you up to this weekend?



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