8 months

8 months old

How is my itty bitty new born baby 8 months old already?  I can’t believe that in four months we’ll be celebrating her first birthday.

This month there were a lot of firsts.  It was the first time we visited the cottage as a family.  It was Autumn’s first time at the beach, and everything that has to do with the beach.  She tried many new foods, some she liked, some she didn’t seem to.  We celebrated our first Father’s day, and had a few girls weekends, too.  It was a very busy month.

Autumn keeps growing and growing.  She’s now in mostly 6 months to 9 months sized clothes, which is right where she is in months so it’s perfect, and she is slowly growing out of a lot of things, too.

Autumn’s favourite foods this month have been tofu and ice cream.  Autumn LOVED ice cream!  Her favourite toy at the moment is a small Goofy stuffed animal.  She also really enjoys playing with my hair and trying to take my glasses.  She was not impressed with bubbles.

Another month gone by too fast, but I’m looking forward to all the firsts that will happen this month!


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