Why to watch The Astronaut Wives Club

If you haven’t already started watching this show, you’re missing out!  It’s a mini-series based on a book that they are airing on ABC this summer.  It’s 10 episodes long and each episode is only an hour.  It’s a lot of fun to watch, but here’s why I think you should watch it:

1. The fashion

I love the 1960’s clothes!! I couldn’t write this without mentioning the fashion.  Even the guys fashion is pretty great.  I love clothes from the 1960’s, and this show does a really good job of staying with clothes in that era.  It’s so much fun to watch because of this!

2. The original footage from the 60’s

It’s really cool that every once in a while they show actual historical footage of the rockets going up.  It’s interesting that they can add in the old footage with the new footage from the show.  Since this is all based on things that really happened, it gives it a little something extra that they have the original footage.

3. The women

These girls are B.A.  At first, they seem to be pretty competitive with each other, but soon come together and form some pretty great friendships.  I love how they back each other up and are there for each other.  They’re all going through similar things with their husbands going into space, and it’s nice that they spend the time together and support one another.  They all know what the others are going through, so it’s a perfect support system.

4. The 60’s

I love all the specific 1960’s things they have.  From the cars to the home decor.  Everything in this show actually looks like it could have been from the 1960’s!  It really bugs me when I’m watching a period show and they are surrounded by things that you can find now (*cough Carrie Diaries cough*) so I’m really glad that they stay true to the decade the show is actually set it.  Plus, stuff from the 60’s is really cool!

5. It’s only 10 episodes long
Since it’s only going to be 10 episodes long, it’s not a huge commitment to start watching.  It’ll be easy to catch up as well, since there have only been a few episodes on tv so far.  It’s a fun show to watch this summer!


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  1. Hi Alysa,

    I came across your blog through IFB Links a la Mode where my blog post was featured too.

    This post is really interesting- I love retro fashion so I’ll definitely check if it’s on ABC in Australia. Thanks for the tip!

    – Crystal x

  2. Hi Melina, I am so pleased that you were nominated as a “blogging hero” in my post about inspirational bloggers as voted for by my readers! (Here’s a link to the post: http://www.notdressedaslamb.com/2015/08/50-blogging-heroes-as-nominated-by-you-part-one.html)

    It’s so nice to find new blogs to read – you’ve obviously come highly recommended so I look forward to keeping up with your posts!

    I love love love the 60’s era, the women look so gorgeous!

    All the best,
    Catherine (Not Dressed As Lamb) x

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