Happy Canada Day! – My Favourite Local Businesses

Happy Canada Day!

Since today celebrates all things Canada, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite local/Canadian businesses.  In my opinion, it’s hugely important for businesses to be on Instagram these days, so I’m going to share their instagram accounts! If you like what you see, you should follow them 🙂

1. Tiny Feast    



Tiny Feast is a cool shop in the exchange district that mostly sells stationary and greeting cards.  So basically, it’s my dream store.  They sell a lot of really adorable stuff, and they support Canadian companies as well.  It’s really great and I love going there so much.  The only catch is, I don’t have lots and lots of money to spend there, because if I could I would buy everything.
Instagram: tinyfeast

 2. Hush & Shout

This is a set of two clothing stores in Osborne Village.  I LOVE shopping there.  The prices are pretty good, and everything is really pretty.  They also do brides maids dresses!  I think that 3/4 of my brides maids got their dresses from here.  So much fun to shop there, and I definitely need to go back again soon!
Instagram: hushandshout

 3. Jenna Rae Cakes

This is one of the most popular new bakeries in the city.  They constantly have line ups out the door and it’s because the things they sell are amazing.  I wish they were closer to my house so I could go more often.  They have a really pretty Instagram feed, too.  Definitely worth following.
Instagram: jennaraecakes

Hope you have a great Canada Day!
What are your favourite local shops on Instagram?


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  1. by the way, thanks for the “gum wall” suggestion in my blog post asking for Seattle suggestions. definitely putting that in my itinerary! 😀

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