Things to get SOMEONE ELSE to do on your wedding day

5 things to get someone else to do on your wedding day

Planning a wedding can be hard, and there is a lot to do when you’re the bride or groom!  There are also lots of people around (namely, your family and your wedding party) who are there to do things for you and for your wedding.  It will make your life easier, especially on the day of your wedding, if you delegate the following tasks to someone else so you can focus on your beloved and on having a great day.

1. Dealing with your gifts
Chances are, loved as you are, you will receive a fair amount of wedding gifts.  Get someone else to take care of bringing them out of the church or venue.  It’ll be a weight off of your mind and shoulders to get someone else to take care of this.  We had one of our groomsmen take care of the envelopes for us, and one of our parents took care of the gifts!  It was great we didn’t have to think about it.

2. Figuring out food for your wedding party
If you have lots of pictures to take between the ceremony and the reception.  You, and your wedding party, will probably get hungry.  The last thing you want is to have to scrounge around to find food for everyone.  And you want nice pictures, so you don’t want your wedding party to be starving!  Get someone else to put together a cooler of food and drinks for your day.  That way, you won’t have to worry about it, and no one will starve.

3. Picking up the flowers
This is something that can be done first thing in the morning, when you’re getting your hair and makeup done.. or when you’re eating your breakfast.  Getting someone else to do this means that the job is definitely getting done, and you don’t have to rush through any of the above things to do it yourself.  You can relax and enjoy the morning of your wedding.  It’s a win-win!

4. Decorating the venue
If you’re able to decorate the venue the day before, you can do that.. but if you’re not able to get into it the day before because of another event, get someone else to do this for you!  For the same reason as number 3.  If you also have to decorate the venue, your morning will be so rushed and you won’t be able to enjoy yourself.  This is your day!  Delegate this task to others and let them take care of these things.

5. Cleaning up after
A lot of couples these days will stay right to the end of their reception.. but don’t feel like you need to help clean up.  That is part of the deal when it comes to being in the wedding party.  You go spend time with your new husband/wife!! Cleaning up is the last thing you should be doing that night 😉

What are other wedding tasks that can be delegated to others?


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  1. These are some great things to think about! I am getting married in November and definitely need to delegate these things. I hadn’t thought about having food and drinks for the bridal party for between the ceremony and reception! That is a really smart idea. Thanks for sharing your tips with The Wednesday Showcase.

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