7 Months!

7 months!


Zip! Another month went by!  This year is going by way too fast.  On Sunday, it was a very busy day!  It was my husband’s birthday, and Autumn was 7 months old.  The rest of the week has been pretty busy like that, too.. so I haven’t really gotten a chance to sit down to write this.

At 7 months old, Autumn loves the rattle that I used when I was a baby.  She loves any and all stuffed animals (or buddies), and she still loves pulling off my glasses and playing with them.

Autumn’s favourite foods are muffins and pizza (mostly homemade), she also really enjoys cheese.  So far, there hasn’t really been anything she doesn’t like to eat.  Probably because it’s all so new.  She loves peaches, and bananas.  It’s so much fun to be able to watch her feed herself, too!  She is very good at feeding herself!

Autumn likes seeing either of us walk into a room, but doesn’t like when I walk away from her.  She loves cuddling, tickling, “flying”, and getting high fives.  Autumn sleeps most nights from 8pm until 8am.  She has a few naps during the day.

Autumn can roll both ways, though she often chooses one direction to go and keeps rolling that way until she gets stuck.  She can sit up on her own and she can remove blankets from over her face.  She loves playing peek-a-boo with blankets.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what this month brings <3


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