Happy Victoria Day!

I love long weekends. Long weekends are so great, especially May long weekend. It’s like the start of summer!  Of course, if you’re anywhere near Winnipeg .. it’s also the start of winter!  The whole weekend wasn’t cold though.  We took a little trip as a family, and that was pretty great.

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

1. 6 Ways My Standards Have Fallen Since Becoming a Mom
Pretty well all true!  And, I’m very glad that high buns are still in style.. so I can totally feel like I’ve done something with my appearance without having to put much effort in 😉

2. The New Science of Mother-Baby Bonding
aka why you need to actually ask me if you want to hold my baby.

3. New Fashion for men!
These shorts are too much lol

4. Junk for Joy
This antique store is awesome!! Check it out in Portage La Prairie before it closes it’s doors for good


I’m ready to watch this show!

Have a great week <3


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