Declutter Challenge Update: Week 2

April Declutter Challenge

The second full week of the declutter challenge was a little bit more challenging.  After I finished doing my closet, I had to actually write out  a list of other areas of my home that I’d like to declutter.  It was hard to think of all the different places to go through at first, but as I started writing, I came up with more and more places that I need to sort through.

Here is the list of things that I have already decluttered:

  • closet
  • t-shirt drawer(s)
  • pajama drawer
  • socks/tights
  • intimates/bathing suits
  • purses
  • books
  • top of my vanity
  • jewellery drawer(s)
  • living room
  • linens
  • box of sewing projects
  • box of short, pants & skirts

List of things I still need to declutter:

  • shoes
  • scarves
  • crafts
  • kitchen
  • coats
  • makeup
  • earrings
  • hairbands
  • gift bags
  • office
  • tv room
  • dvds
  • knick-knacks
  • bathroom
  • nail polish

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I didn’t get a chance to bring everything out yet, but a friend of mine picked up some of the bags for a rummage sale that’s being put on by Masterworks Dance Studio!  Check out information on the sale here! And if you’re in Winnipeg, check it out this weekend.
What have you decluttered this week?


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