stuck in a rut

new mama style

shirt: Le Chateau // hoodie: Bluenotes // jeans: Bluenotes: Necklace: Lou Lou and Company // Hairband: Aldo //

new mama style


This warm weather could not have come sooner.  I feel as though I’ve been stuck in a style rut lately.. I’ve been wearing jeans almost every day.  The last time I did that?  Probably right after high school, when I was tired of wearing skirts all the time, and wanted to only wear pants.  Sad times.  I’m happy that these jeans fit, but I’m drawn to pants these days.  It could be worse! I had a few weeks where I only wore sweatpants.  Jeans are better than that, right?

I’m hoping that this Decluttering Challenge helps to get me out of this rut as well.  Cleaning up everything, and organizing everything will be a great way to refresh.  I have so much I don’t wear, so actually going through it will help me to remember some of the things that I LOVE.  Hoping to post cuter outfits soon, too.



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