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space pants


I’m still in shock over how fast everything happened this weekend, so I’m going to share the full story now as a way to try to process it.

Last Friday was pretty normal for the most part.  I had a great visit with my mother in law during the day, got to take a walk with Autumn in the afternoon, and then spent the evening visiting with my awesome future sister in law.  It was great.  Then, at about midnight, I started feeling really severe pain in my rib cage.  And it would not go away.  I took tylenol, nothing.  I took pepto (thinking that would help), nothing.  I took tums, nothing.  The pain would not stop, and I was not able to sleep all night.  It was just constant pain, constant uncomfortableness, and just the worst night.

Finally, at about 9:00am, Autumn woke up for the day and I knew that I needed to go to the emergency room.  I had been in pain for about 9 hours straight with no relief.  So as soon as I was finished feeding her, we packed ourselves off and went to the ER. I don’t know how long I waited in the ER before they saw me, but it wasn’t as long as I expected it was going to be.

We spent the whole day sitting in the ER, though.  I had a little private area with a curtain and a bed, and we were able to relax and do whatever we needed to do in there.  They had given me some tylenol upon arrival, and that was working (finally) so I was able to sleep, and rest a little bit, as well as feed Autumn whenever she got hungry.  Eventually, they took me to have an ultrasound of my stomach to try to figure out what the problem was.  A little while after that, they came back and told us that I needed surgery.  I needed to have my gallbladder removed.

It was (and still is) such a shock! I was expecting something along the lines of an infection, or something like that (due to googling it), but not surgery!!  A few hours after that, the surgeon was able to come talk to me to explain exactly what I was getting.  There are 3 types of gallbladder surgeries, e1, e2 and e3, and I was an e3.. which meant that it could be between 24-48 hours before I was actually going to have my surgery done.  So I could go home, but then I would be dealt with as an outpatient and maybe get the surgery in a few months.  Or I could stay, and potentially have the surgery that night, or the next day … or possibly the day after that.  We decided that I would stay for the night, and that Andrew and Autumn would go home to their own beds.

It was really hard to be away from Autumn for the night like that.  I think that my separation anxiety was worse than hers was.  But I had my parents come stay with me for a little while, so I wasn’t totally by myself.  I was admitted properly pretty soon after that, and ended up with my own private room in the hospital, which I was not expecting at all.  Almost as soon as I got into that room, they came and told me that they were ready to do surgery on me.

I had been a little bit nervous, because I’ve never had surgery before, but as soon as it was happening I felt better about it.  We were able to get it done right away that night, so I didn’t have to sit there in pain and/or keep taking pain killers all night.  The next pain killer step they were going to take had been morphine, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to take that.  Anyway, my surgery started at about 10:00pm, and I was back in my room at about midnight.  So from the time the pain started, to the time it was over, was exactly 24 hours.  Totally wild!

I had a lot of waiting around to do the next day as well.  Due to the fact that I didn’t take any pain medication after my surgery, and I seemed to be recovering quite well, I was able to go home at about 3:30pm on Sunday.  Thank GOODNESS. I was getting antsy to get home so I could cuddle my baby girl.

Now, I’m just slowly recovering.  I had four incisions. The one that is the most tender still is the one on my belly button, but that’s probably because when I nurse Autumn, the nursing pillow hits there, and when I hold her, that’s where her feet are.  Each day is better than the last, and I’m able to stay up a little bit later.. but I’m still pretty tired.  And apparently this is something else that is pretty common after having a baby!  Something else they don’t tell you about that involves pregnancy!

And I keep thinking about this, but I can totally see God’s work in this situation.  I had been slowly building up a supply of pumped milk, so we had milk to give Autumn when I couldn’t come home and feed her.  Andrew is on his parental leave, so I’m being taken care of.  <3

Hope your weekend was better and also less exciting than mine 😉



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  1. Wow, that sounds kind of scary! I’m so glad that everything worked out though. I hope you recover quickly! I love your comment about seeing God’s work and preparation for this trial. It’s amazing all the little things -and big things – that He does for us.

    1. thank you <3
      I have been able to recover pretty quick! Luckily, I'm still able to pick up and hold my daughter without causing any more issues 🙂
      I'm in such awe of His timing over this!

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