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new mama style new mama style new mama style new mama style new mama style


Does anyone really like going to the dentist?  No really.  People who have perfect teeth, do you like going to the dentist?  I have pretty bad teeth (I just had a cling-on baby who wouldn’t be put down for almost four months, so I kind of had other priorities haha), and so of course I dislike going to see the dentist.

This last visit was particularly bad.  I’m 30 years old.  I’ve been to the dentist before, once or twice.  But, this hygienist was absolutely terrible!  Super condescending and rude the whole time.  She kept telling me “this isn’t fun”… I know that. I’m a grown up.  I can handle it not being “fun” haha.

Then, when she was done, she was all apologetic because she didn’t have a pink toothbrush for me to take home.  Look, I don’t need a special colour of toothbrush to make brushing my teeth more fun, ok?  It doesn’t matter to me what colour of toothbrush I use, it’s really all the same to me. :p

I think that next time, I will ask for a different hygienist 😉
Oh, on a side note: Did you know that getting fluoride is OPTIONAL? I always thought it was mandatory, because when I was a kid I would always get it.  Turns out, it’s optional, and it costs extra.  Who knew?!






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