4 things I learned in the first 4 months of motherhood

lessons from motherhood

1. The internet is both a friend and a foe.
Want to do something with your child you’re not sure about? Whatever it is, you’ll find information and articles on the internet about why it’s great to do that thing, AND you’ll find information on why it’s a terrible thing to do.  So you’ll either be justified in your actions, or be made to feel like a terrible mom for wanting to do it.  So search the internet with caution!

2. My childless friends seemed the most judgmental
It wasn’t necessarily specific comments, sometimes it was just looks from people.. but I definitely have felt pretty judged by a lot of my friends who don’t have children yet.  And I’m sure that I was exactly that way before I had kids, too.  This article says it best but “everything I knew about raising babies, I knew before I had to raise any”.  It’s so nice to be able to read my baby books and say “yes I’ll do that” and “no, I would never do that” and I feel like my friends without children have these ideas in their minds, too.  Then your baby gets here and you start singing a different tune.  IT’LL HAPPEN TO YOU!

3. It’s really hard, and really great
Breastfeeding is really hard.  It’s not easy like the books say.  But, I love doing it, and it’s so worth it.  Any change in a routine is hard, but it’s worth it when it will improve your child’s life in the long run.  Being a mom is HARD, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

4. It’s a lovely club to be in
Moms (generally) support each other.  At least in my experience.  I go to a breastfeeding support group, and I love being able to hang out with other moms who are in the same stage of life as me.  One time, I was at the mall and realized that my husband hadn’t reset the diaper bag (I thought he had so I didn’t check) and I didn’t have any clean diapers.  A mom in the family changing room said she would have given me a diaper if she had any that would have fit my daughter.  It is a nice club to be in 🙂


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  1. Parts of #2 remind me of my cousin. You just had to zip your lips and nod politely. She said they would never have a tv on when they are in the room cause of something with development…and everyone else is looking at each other like..”That’s going to fly out the window once they get here.” cause some of the things they said while pregnant where just not realistic. And it wasn’t just me, the non child person, it was people that are grandmothers!

    1. haha I feel like every parent has their list of things they’re NOT going to do when their baby gets there that flies out the window when the baby ACTUALLY gets there. Watching TV was a big part of my early days of nursing, and still would be now if we hadn’t given it up for lent lol. The other thing was not giving a pacifier, that lasted like 3 days :p

  2. Hi Alysa, I agree totally with all the things you said. Especially about the internet!
    While I was pregnant, I used to google a ton of stuff and then I came to realise that some times the internet can be your enemy.
    most of the answers would come up with parents that think they know everything when actually each parent/family/baby is different and you know what works for you and your baby!

    Chan x

    1. that’s so true! there were some things I googled when I was pregnant that absolutely terrified me! Sometimes it’s best to not turn to Mr Google for answers about your pregnancy and baby 🙂

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