new mama problems

new mama problems

when your husband gets home and you’ve already changed the poopy diaper

when new sweatpants counts as a treat

when showering by yourself is a luxury and grocery shopping by yourself is a holiday

when your adorable little baby looks up at you and smiles… then spits up all over you

all the extra stuff you need to leave the house

when none of your shirts fit because your boobs are so big

buying all new clothes that work well with breastfeeding

when you think back on how you stayed up all night when you were younger, for no reason, and hating your past self for doing that

when you miss being able to have a hot cup of coffee

when you forget your coffee in the microwave, because you didn’t drink it fast enough, and then you find it the next day when you’re trying to put in today’s coffee that you didn’t drink fast enough

What other new mama problems have you experienced?


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