why to re-watch the Indiana Jones Trilogy (and why to skip them)

Why to rewatch Indiana Jones

I have fond memories of watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy as a little girl, and recently was able to rewatch them on tv as an adult! I definitely noticed different things now than I noticed as a child.  Here are my reasons for giving the Indiana Jones Trilogy (3 movies only) a rewatch, and why you might want to skip it.

Why to watch:
1. Young Harrison Ford
Have you seen how good Harrison Ford looks in these movies? He is looking all kinds of cute!  The 80’s were definitely his time period, that is for sure.

2. the Score
The score for these movies is SO perfect.  It just makes every scene.  Plus, my husband and I walked up the aisle at the end of our wedding ceremony to the theme from Indiana Jones, so we obviously love it.

3. Fun adventure stories
Overall, the stories are really fun to watch.  The way it’s filmed is really fun, and the stories and plot are amazing.  If you haven’t seen them, I would totally watch them!  Especially the Last Crusade.  That one is my favourite.

Why to skip:
1. Seem super racist
Especially Temple of Doom.

2. They’re terrifying
Especially Temple of Doom.  But all of them have some kind of scene with rats or snakes or bugs and it’s pretty terrifying.

3. Terrible roles for women
It’s the basic Bond Girl mentality.  There is one woman in each, and she’s either super in love with Indy, or she’s his biggest enemy OR BOTH!!  Definitely would not pass the Bechdel test, but there’re really not supposed to.

Basically, just skip Temple of Doom 😉

Which one is your favourite Indiana Jones movie?


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