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new mama style new mama style new mama style new mama style

It’s always something with a new baby, isn’t it?  Two Fridays ago, I found myself sitting on my dining room table, breastfeeding my baby.

It started about a week before. I was sitting in our tv room, minding my own business, feeding Autumn and watching Sex and the City when all of a sudden … a mouse, crawls into the room like it owns the place!  So I scream, it runs under the couch and I run from the room.  That room now belongs to the mouse, and I clearly have no right to it.  Later that evening, my husband dealt with the mouse and we thought that the problem was over with.

Fast forward to the next Friday, and pretty much the same thing happened.. only, we don’t have the traps anymore.  So, my husband blocks the mouse in a room, and promises to bring some traps home when he comes.  I think that the mouse is going to stay put in the room, and go about with my business.. which on that Friday meant hanging out with my super sweet future sister-in-law.

So later on, I was about to go upstairs to change Autumn’s diaper when I see the mouse CLIMBING DOWN THE STAIRS! Did you know that mice can do stairs? I did not think that they COULD do stairs!! I always assumed they only got around in the walls, not by taking the stairs! So I FREAKED out and ran back downstairs.

My sister-in-law and I managed to get the mouse hiding behind some picture frames in the living room, and that is when I called my husband to come take care of it.  After some running around, and me nursing my baby from the top of the dining room table, Andrew finally took care of it!! And we’ve been mice free ever since 🙂

What would you do if you found a mouse in your house?


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