How to plan an amazing bachelorette party

how to plan an amazing bachelorette party

Ah, the bachelorette party. Arguably one of the most fun parts of being in a wedding party.  You know, aside from being in a wedding 😉 But planning these parties is not always easy.  So far, I’ve been able to help 3 separate maid-of-honours plan a bachelorette for their brides.  2 out of 3 were huge successes, one was a complete fail.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your friend’s bachelorette party:

1. Do things the bride wants to do
It should be a no-brainer that the bachelorette party should be geared toward the bride, but that isn’t always the case.  It’s important to pick something that the bride would like doing, or a theme that the bride is actually interested in.  An example of when this didn’t work: I helped my friends sister plan her bachelorette party and we did the whole penis decor/bar party.  The catch, though, was that the bride doesn’t like drinking, and doesn’t like dancing, and was totally unimpressed with the penises we decorated her sisters house with.  We put a lot of time and effort into a party that was not at all what the bride would have wanted to do.  If I could do it again, I would plan a sleepover style party with pjs, popcorn and corny movies.. and the bride would have loved it.
Think about things that the bride would want to do, and plan to do those things!  It doesn’t have to be all about penises and bar hopping to be a bachelorette party, either.

2. Give the guests the heads up about what to expect
I’m a planner and I like to give people lots and lots of notice when I’m planning a party.  I think that when it’s something like a bachelorette party, it’s important to let guests know far in advance what they should expect.  Are you planning a lingerie shower?  Are you planning on going out of town?  People might need to book off work in order to attend, they might need to buy something specific that goes with the theme!  Letting everyone know what to expect is a great way to get all the guests in on the theme while

3. Plan some one-on-one time with the bride.
Before my bachelorette party really started, my maid-of-honour took me to get my nails done, and that was one of the most fun parts about the whole thing, really.  It was great to be able to spend some time with just my maid-of-honour before the festivities started, and it gave the party a great starting off point.  Planning something one-on-one with just the bride before the party starts was so much fun, and after all.. she picked you as her best bridesmaid for a reason! She would probably love that extra time together.

4. Don’t let the bride pay for ANYTHING
Again, this should go without saying… but there are some brides who will insist on helping out, or who will feel weird about having everything paid for her the whole night.  But the thing is that it is her night, and so she shouldn’t have to worry about bringing money.  One way to make it better financially on everyone is to get everyone to help out!  Most guests at a bachelorette party expect to be paying for the bride anyway, so splitting up her costs among the guests is a great way to ease the hit on the maid-of-honour’s wallet.

5. Keep a firm budget in mind
This goes with the last one. Start planning with an idea of how much you’d like to spend.  Can you afford a weekend, or a night? Can you stay in a hotel or take a trip?  Keep that budget in mind as you plan so you don’t go overboard.  It also helps if everyone knows that budget in advance so they can save for it if they would like to participate!  If you’re planning on taking your girl to Vegas, for example, not everyone can afford to do that on the drop of a hat.  Giving people advance warning about how much money they need for something will ensure that everyone can go.

What else do you do to plan an amazing bachelorette party?


These pictures were from my own bachelorette party (which was super fun), you can see the photographers other photos here

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