Stay cute while breastfeeding

As many nursing mama’s will attest, it’s really difficult to figure out what to wear while nursing.  You can’t wear certain things because you don’t have … ahem… easy access.  The last thing you want is to keep a crying baby waiting while you try to undress yourself, or to end up half-undressed and hiding in the bathroom to nurse.  Either scenario isn’t cute, and I’m finding that a lot of the clothes available to nursing mothers isn’t cute either.  So what is a mama to do?

Here are three ideas to help a new mama stay cute while breastfeeding:

1. V-Neck



V-Neck is probably one of the easiest breastfeeding styles you can go with.  If you’re not afraid of being a little busty, that is.  Chances are, you’re going to have some great cleavage going on, and v-neck might be a little more than you bargained for.  If you’re uncomfortable with that, a stretchy tank top under it will work well, too!

2. One Up, One Down

One up one down


This is my favourite way to dress right now, and it’s perfect for anyone who is a little more modest.  I wear a stretchy tank top, which is pulled down, and a flowy top, which is pulled up.  Then you’re showing the minimum amount of skin that is necessary for breastfeeding, and layering is super cute!  I love leggings, too, which is perfect for my postpartum body.

3. Strapless



Strapless is one the easiest breastfeeding styles out there.  I have a number of cute strapless dresses that are now open for me to wear, that I couldn’t wear while pregnant, and I’m so glad that they work for breastfeeding!  And if you feel like you’re showing more skin than you’d like, throw on a little cardigan!  Super cute and helps with breastfeeding.

What do you wear while breastfeeding your babe?


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