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I was an idiot when I was younger. I can remember times in my early to mid-twenties where I would stay up really late, probably chatting on msn or watching all the episodes of a tv show or something. Sometimes it would be after I had been out, sometimes not, but I would get to about 4am or so and think “well, it’s already 4am… might as well stay up all night!” And then I would stay up all day, go to school or work and function like a normal human.

I look back on that girl now and it makes me very upset because sleep is SO precious!! I want to go back to that girl and get her to go to sleep.

Now, staying up late looks a little different.  I’m constantly on facebook instead of msn, and I’ve watched a lott of tv and movies in the lasr two months.  My staying up late isn’t after a night out, and I’m glad for that.  Plus, I get to watch a beautiful little girl grow.  It’s different but cuddling a baby is exactly what I want to do right now <3


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