My Birth Story – Part Two

I just blinked and another month has gone by.  A month ago, I shared the first half of my birth story.  It’s been another month since Autumn was born, so here is the second half of that story.. including the actual birth!

When I left off, I was heading back to the hospital.  I had laboured at home from about 9am until about 5pm.  In the morning, I had been labouring in bed at home, as well as in the tub (which was super helpful).  After a while, my husband suggested that I get out of the bed, and I think that started to speed things up again.  Something that the nurse who did our prenatal said was getting into the bed was bad, and I didn’t think that applied to my bed at home.  It did though!  Being in the bed really slowed everything down, so once I got back up and started walking around, it started up again.

When we got back to the hospital, it seemed a lot busier than it had been when we had been there first thing in the morning.  I had to wait a minute before getting checked, and when they checked me… I was dilated 9cm.  Which was a huge difference from when I was 4cm that morning.  So, I was able to go into a room at last!!

I had to wait a little bit before we went to the room, but I did not lie down in the bed again.

We were led through some doors and down a hallway.  I vaguely remember the doors (people had to be buzzed in to keep everyone safe, which I really appreciated), but I do not remember the hallway.  When I left the hospital later, I marveled at how nice the hallway was.  I had no memory of it, even right away.

When we got into the room, my doula mentioned that I had said I wanted to try labouring in the tub, so they asked me if I still wanted it.  I said I did, so they filled it for me, but I didn’t end up using it.  I was too far along to have to leave the room again to get to the tub, and the hospital didn’t let you give birth in the tub.  Instead, I got on an exercise ball and bounced through the rest of my contractions until I started feeling like I needed to push.

It was on the exercise ball that I asked for the nitrous oxide (aka, the laughing gas).  I went into it kind of thinking that would be the only thing I would use, and I was glad that I was only able to use it.  I didn’t have it for very long, maybe 15 minutes or so, before I decided that I needed to start pushing.

I started pushing at about 7:30pm.  I remember asking how long people usually push for, because I had read stories about people pushing for like 3 minutes.  They said the average time was between an hour and a half and two hours.

There was a huge wall clock right in front of me as I pushed, and all I could do was stare at it the entire time.  Pushing hurt, which I was expecting, but I also felt like it was going on FOREVER.  I remember clearly that at 8:45, I stared at that clock and I thought to myself “I am having this baby by 9:00”

Autumn was born at 9:07pm!  And she was perfect <3




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