Happy Day!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas! We had a very busy, very wonderful week.  It was so nice to be able to spend the time with our families.  It was also a little more fun with a little one, though she’s still in the sleep and eat all the time phase.  Next Christmas will be even more fun because Autumn will have a little bit more awareness as to the festivities!  We got absolutely spoiled, though, and I would say that baby’s first Christmas was pretty great.  We felt very loved indeed.

How was you Christmas?

Here are some other things making me happy this week as we head into the New Year!

Dressember is coming to an end and I can honestly say that I’m excited to wear pants!! I never thought that I would say that, but there you go.  It’ll be interesting to see which of my pants fit me now! I’m hoping for more than just my “boyfriend” jeans.  If you’d like to, you can still donate here!! And thank you so much if you do <3

Canada’s Luckiest Baby is back!! If you are expecting or have a baby 3 and under, you should enter! The prizes are unbelievable and I would love to win!!

This Dad, who illustrates the funny things his 3 year old daughter says. I can’t wait to hear the things that Autumn says when she’s a bit older.

Hope your week is lovely!


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