My Birth Story – Part One

baby story

I’ve been meaning to write out my birth story for a while, before I forget all of the details.

It really starts November 6th at approximately 5:00 in the morning.  I started having contractions, and I thought they were real because I could feel them (I had been having braxton hicks before that, but nothing that was painful or anything, I’d just notice that my stomach was contracting).  I also thought they were real because I had been resting when they started, and I had been told that resting makes them go away if they’re not real contractions.  I was SO excited that it was starting because it was my dream to go into labour early in the morning and have the baby at like 5:00pm.  That didn’t happen though.  After labouring for a while, I decided that I should try to get some sleep so I would be well rested for birth.  So I went back to bed, and when I woke up the contractions were totally gone.

All that day I was really tired.  I had big plans to do laundry and get some stuff done, but I really didn’t feel up to it and lazed the day away.

At 1:00am on November 7th, I started having contractions again.  I was in and out of the bed, making sure it was really happening and not false labour like the previous day.  After about an hour, it felt like they were getting closer together and more intense, so I woke my husband up.  I hadn’t been keeping track of the contractions, but now that he was awake he was able to.

So we kept track of the contractions for a couple of hours.  The idea is that they need to be 5 minutes apart, and one minute long, and for that to go on for at least an hour before going into the hospital.   By the time it got to that point and we called our Doula to come meet us, it was almost 5am.  We got to the hospital around 5-5:30am.

At the hospital, they checked me and said I was 4-5 cm dilated and probably 75% effaced.  They let you into a room when you’re 5 cm dilated, so we went to the labouring room to hopefully get to that point.  After a while of being in there, I went back for them to check me again, and unfortunately lay down on the bed so they could do it.  They had me attached to a monitor to keep track of baby’s heartbeat and to track contractions.  The bad part about that was that when I got into the bed, the contractions started slowing down.  They weren’t as bad as they had been either, they had gotten less intense.  The nurse helping us said that the only thing she could do at this point was put me on morphine for pain (which I felt was unnecessary, since it wasn’t that painful) or send me home.  So we went back home.

We got home at around 9am.  I was feeling a little disappointed that I wasn’t giving birth just yet, but I was happy to be able to be at home.  We were able to have some rest between 9am and 11am.  I then laboured at home for what felt like foreverrr before I was finally ready to go back to the hospital!

More to come 😉


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