Happy Day!

I swear I fall more and more in love with this little girl every day.  I’m missing sleep, I’m missing meals, I’m never ever by myself… but I’m so happy right now!!

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

~ As a large group, Dressember fundraisers have raised over $100K so far! I’m so happy to be able to be part of such a great community.  Click here to donate!  I’ve been wearing a dress every single day this month, and will continue to for the rest of the month.. as it gets colder and as much as I’d like to put on some pants.  The added challenge here is that I’m breastfeeding, so I have to pick dresses that will help with that.  It means that I’m a little bit more limited in what I currently own.  Anything you can give would be a great help!

~ 30 Signs You’re A New Mom – these are so accurate! I love it 🙂


My friend posted this on my wall. I LOVE it!!

Have a lovely week!


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