alysagram: November!!

It’s finally November!! You know what that means?? If you’re in this house, it means that the Christmas Carols start.  I like to have a good two months worth of listening to Christmas Carols before I’m tired of them for another year.  Though this year they are in stiff competition with Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, which I have been listening to non-stop since Monday.

This last week was actually pretty good.  It looks like I’m going to cross everything off of my to-do list, which feels like a major accomplishment.  The biggest thing was the fact that I’ve written two papers this week.  Pretty big!

Here is how my week looked:

Daenarys & Khal Drogo for Halloween // how I accomplish so much during the week
This weeks baby bump // our pumpkins “before”
My Halloween Day look // The last of the princess cupcakes from my shower <3

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Hope you had an awesome Halloween and have a great weekend


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