A prayer for my baby

Prayer for a new baby

Father God,
As these 9 months of anticipation, preparation, and excitement come to an end, I would like to life up this little bundle toward you.  I pray for a healthy, safe, and fast delivery where the outcome is healthy baby, healthy mama. I pray that this little one comes only when they are ready. I pray that it’s not too early or too late, but at the perfect time.

I pray for sleep. I pray that the little one sleeps through the night when they are ready, and not a moment sooner. I pray your protection over them as they sleep, whether I am right beside them or not. I pray that I am able to sleep so my body is prepared for the marathon they call giving birth. I pray that Andrew is able to sleep, but also that he is up when he needs to be.

Every child is a gift from heaven, and I pray your protection over this one.

Amen <3



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