Bump Day: Week 38

fall maternity

dress: homemade // socks: Le Chateau // plaid shirt: husband’s closet // scarf: gift



fall maternity style pregnancy fall style borrow your husbands shirt

How far along?
38 weeks

Baby Size:
19.5 inches long, about as long as a leek!

Total weight gain:
Alysa + Leek

Maternity clothes?
Just the pants!

Stretch marks?
None! At least none that I can see

Pretty ok, though yesterday my body woke me up to use the bathroom at 5:30am and then was just wide awake.  Super fun! I was VERY tired last night.

Best moment this week:
Finishing the first draft of my major paper, and just generally getting schoolwork done!

Still quite a bit! I feel kicks to the ribs and kicks to the side. <3

Food cravings:

Labor signs:
Braxton hicks, but nothing I can really feel. Nothing that hurts.

Belly button in or out?
In! But stretched wayy out!

Wedding rings on or off?
Off 🙁 I have a little fake ring I wear anyway though.. it’s just larger than my regular band.

Happy or moody most of the time:

Looking forward to:
Actually getting an oven this week! We were supposed to get it last Thursday but it didn’t come, so now it’s coming this Thursday!   False alarm, they’re coming next week 🙁 I’m also excited for my pre-baby shower that is this coming Saturday! So excited 🙂

Getting down to the wire! Wish me luck that it’ll hold off until after I’ve gotten more school work done 😉


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