Stuff to Stop Saying to Pregnant Ladies

baby bump

1. “Your life is over”
Or any alluding to the fact that life is going to suck once the baby comes.  I’ve even heard this said with the intention of it being a good thing, somehow.  Sorry, but no.  Telling someone that their life is over is always negative, no matter how you try to spin it, and that’s rude. Quit it!

2. “WOAH YOU’RE HUGE”/”You’re sooo small”/”Are you having TWINS??”
No. Stop! How about we all try this new thing where we don’t make comments on the shape and size of other peoples bodies.  It’s so much nicer that way!

3. “Listen to how terrible it was for me when I gave birth!!”
No thanks! Keep your horror stories to yourself please. We can trade birth stories after the baby comes if you want, but until then please just shhh.. Telling a pregnant lady all the terrible things that happened when you gave birth are not going to help her have a better birth.. they’re just going to terrify her. It’s unhelpful, please don’t.

4. Anything to do with bragging about how YOU are still allowed to drink/eat sushi/etc
Come on. That’s just mean.

5. “You’re gonna get so fat!”
No.. I’m going to create life.

6. “This is a big life change”
Is it? Are you sure? :/

What rude things have people said to you when you were pregnant?


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  1. I’ve never been pregnant myself, but one of my close friends had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and I was totally amazed by the things people would say to her. I particularly noticed the first one coming up a lot on Facebook – almost every time she mentioned the pregnancy, people would start banging on about how she’d never sleep again, and how every single thing would change… it was like they actually wanted her to regret it or something. Even as a non-pregnant person, it was giving me the rages!

    1. Yes!! I get that, too. If I mention anything about being tired at all, people will say things like “oh, you think you’re tired now… but just wait” so rude. I can be tired both times!!

  2. I get a lot of “You don’t even look pregnant.” Like, I’m glad you’re not so consumed with body image that you haven’t noticed my ever thickening waist line, but yes, yes I do look pregnant. Not that it really matters anyway. I’m proud of my little bump.

    I also get a lot of “can you still do that?” “Let me carry that for you”… as if I’m broken now? I keep telling people, “I’m still doing crossfit. I feel like I can carry these groceries.” However, I don’t pick up heavy things that I can’t hold or lift well.

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