Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving monday! Long weekends are so nice, and this one was no exception.  Both of us got a LOT of work done, and that’s always good.. especially since I’ve been feeling pretty unproductive lately.  There’s a lot coming up this week that I’m excited for, too!  Like, I have a quiz tomorrow!! Yay!!!!  I’m getting a massage on Wednesday, I get to hear the heartbeat on Thursday ANDDDD I get my new oven that day, too!  Plus, on Saturday we’re going to a wedding.  I always love weddings.

What exciting things are happening for you this week?

Here are some things that I’ve been smiling about lately:

This great piece about how to cozify your living space 🙂

These amazing tips for how to transition your closet between seasons.  It’s something that I’ve personally never done.. and so my drawers just hold ALL of my clothes ALL the time!  I love the idea of putting it away and pulling it out when the season actually calls for it, so then it feels fresh and new again.

I am in love with this shirt:

Not only is it pretty accurate to my life (minus the cats) but it’s pretty accurate to how I feel the first few months of baby are going to be (again, minus the cats and plus one baby)  You can get the shirt here!  They have a lot of other cute things, too.  It’s really tough for me to not buy everything tbh.

This weeks favourite verse:

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?
-Matthew 14:31

I especially like the first half of this verse.  Jesus IMMEDIATELY reached out to him and caught him.  I think it’s really telling of how much Jesus cares for his followers.. he immediately reaches out. He doesn’t wait, or let his follower fall, but immediately catches him!  I think he would do the same for any of us, too.

Have a great week!


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