Blogger Envy

blogger envy

I love fall, and so I’m finding myself more and more jealous of the kinds of things that other bloggers are posting.  Why? Because they can wear these cute fall outfits and I can’t!  I love wearing cute little dresses, and tights, and thigh high socks, and knee high boots. But I can’t right now.  The majority of my fall dresses do not fit, and taking off tights and the socks is pretty difficult right now.  Plus, if I want to wear my boots out.. I need to make sure that my husband is here when I get home so he can help get me out of them!

Also, so many bloggers post recipes for alcohol beverages that I would LOVE to try, but can’t right now.  Why are there so many? I feel like I skip so many blog posts because it’s for an alcoholic beverage!!

As envious as I am right now, PLEASE don’t stop doing any of the above though.  I can’t live vicariously through your adorable outfits and tasty drinks if I can’t read about them in blogs 😉


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