Bump Day: Week 36

fall baby bump fashion


dress: Sammydress.com // sweater: Old Navy // necklace: gift/thrifted // boots: Rooster on River // hairband: F21
// bracelet: Pandora



baby bump fashion maternity fall fashion fall fashion maternity fall fashion

How far along?
36 weeks!

Baby Size:
About the size of a head of romaine lettuce! (approx 18 inches or so)

Maternity clothes?
yes! My lovely belly band pants 🙂

Stretch marks?

I am tired ALL THE TIME, and doing the smallest things exhausts me.  If it were about not sleeping at night, I could do things at that time.. but it’s just that I’m not having quality sleep at night.

Best moment this week:
Our prenatal class! It was really interesting.

Miss anything?
I can’t start things that start after 9pm anymore.  I’m just too tired!

Mostly big kicks to the side and to the ribs.

Labor signs:
Got some signs of Braxton Hicks.. but the early kind that I can still talk and do things through

Belly button in or out?
Still in, but it’s definitely more shallow than it used to be!

Wedding rings on or off?
Off 🙁 I had been taking them off at night and putting them back on in the morning.  On Sunday, I couldn’t get them back on easily so I figured that it’s better to leave them off now.

Happy or moody most of the time:
Pretty happy!

Looking forward to:
I am ready to be done school.  I am having a difficult time keeping up.. I haven’t fallen behind.. but there are definitely days where it’s more difficult to actually do anything.  Ready to be done foreverrrrrrr!

Next week I’ll be term.  This baby is coming quickkkkkk!!


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