What to wear to a prenatal appointment

fall maternity style

shirt: thrifted // leggings: Wet Seal // flats: Target // necklace: gift // bracelet: gift // hairband: F21



fall maternity style fall maternity style fall baby bump style


As the pregnancy goes on, I get to have more and more prenatal doctor’s appointments!  At first, it was once a month, then it became every other week (like it is now) and very soon it will be every week, just counting down the weeks until this baby is ready to join us.

An outfit like this makes going to the doctors office for these appointments very easy, plus I can still look pretty cute!  I wear leggings because they always get my weight, and while I am not really paying attention to my weight, I don’t know want my clothing to affect what it says.  I find wearing leggings doesn’t add to it.  I also wear flats because I can’t wear shoes when I step on the scale, and flats slip on and off super easy.

I also wear leggings (and a flowy top) because at each appointment, I get to hear the heartbeat.  I lie on the table, and the doctor finds the heartbeat!  Wearing leggings and a looser top means that it’s easy to simply get on the table and lift my shift for the heartbeat check.  I don’t have to fuss with clothing, and I don’t have to remove anything or change into one of those weird paper gowns they have.  It’s nice!

This might change soon, as my appointments become weekly instead of every other week, but for now, this type of outfit really works for the appointments!

What do you like to wear to doctors appointments?


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