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dress: Keiko Lynn/Postlapsaria // belt: Wet Seal // booties: thrifted (Aldo) // hairband: F21 // necklace: 1-gift, 2-Prairie Blossoms on Etsy



I can’t believe that I’m turning 30 tomorrow!  Where did my 20’s go? like really.  It’s surreal, but I think I’m pretty much ready.  At any rate, I have been thinking a lot lately about somethings I want for my birthday, and here is what I’ve come up with:

1. A massage
A prenatal massage would be LOVELY!  I’ve been having problems with lower back pain over the last couple of weeks or so, and having a massage would be amazing.

2. My nursery to be done
Lets be real. At this point, it’s still pretty much just boxes and storage of other things (with a crib!)  It’ll be nice to have it finished so we know where we’re going to put the baby when it comes.

3. Mario Kart on the Wii
I love anything Mario, and I’d love to be able to play some Mario games on our Wii.. which is hooked up, waiting to be played with.  The last time I used it though was when I was playing with the Wii Fit every day, which was before I got pregnant.

4. The first season of Sex and the City
Now that I’m done watching Gossip Girl, I thought I’d re-watch through the series of Sex and the City.  Which was going to be perfect, because I have them on DVD… well… except for the first season.  Which is kind of important.  I had inherited the dvds from my sister when she moved away, and I totally forgot that we had the first season on VHS! Yikes!  At least I have season 2-6 & the movie on DVD, right?  All I want is the first season (and with the old looking boxes… so they match the ones I already have 😉 )

5. Starbucks gift card!!
I always want this, at any time of year tbh.  Can’t get enough. It would be lovely to have more money for Sbux going into the school year.

That’s it though.  I would normally want clothes.. but there’s no real point in buying clothes that I’m only going to be able to wear for a few months.


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