How to be more like Blair Waldorf


I recently re-watched through Gossip Girl on Netflix, and I have to say that my love for the show AND my love for Blair Waldorf grew with this second watching.  Now, I won’t say that everything Blair does is perfect and that she’s this amazing role model in every single way, but she is a pretty great role model in a lot of ways… and they are some ways that I never noticed before, or thought about.

Here are some things that struck me about Blair in watching through this time, and things I’d like to improve on in my own life:

1. Work Hard

Something that always comes up about Blair (and especially about the difference between Blair and Serena) is that Blair works really hard for everything she has.  It’s not just about perfect grades, or getting into the best universities.. but she works hard on her relationships, her friendships, and pretty much everything that she felt was worth having.  It definitely helps that she’s ridiculously wealthy, but that’s beside the point.  Blair works her butt off to get the things that she wants out of life, and that’s something that can be taken away regardless of how much money is in the bank.

2. Be Loyal

Despite what you might think about the fights and feuds she has with Serena, I think it’s pretty obvious that Blair remains loyal to her.  When it comes to the friends she has, it doesn’t matter when they talked last, or who is mad at who.. when it really comes down to it, Blair is there for her friends time and time again when they need her.  And that loyalty is extended to her family and even Dorota!  I think it’s pretty admirable.

3. Delegate

Delegating can be a major part of getting anything done, and something that I personally have the most trouble with.  But not Blair! She gives all the dirty work to her group of minions (and others), and they get the job done.  Her leadership style is a little questionable at times, but the fact is that delegation is huge, and ultimately, it can be quite necessary.

4. Accessorize

I know this one isn’t quite as important as the other ones… but it’s something else I would like to work on for myself.  In watching through Gossip Girl, I loved so many of Blair’s accessories!  From the myriad of hairbands, to all the other types of jewellery she wears, she always looks really put together.  I know I feel more confident when I go out in a complete look, and I think that accessories are part of that.  Might seem silly, but the perfect necklace/hairband combination is always fun to find! 😉

5. Plan Ahead

Blair always seemed to be at least one or more steps ahead when it came to the scheming and getting things done.  She anticipated any outcome, and was ready for it.  However that looks in your life, pre-planning can be huge.  If it means setting really great (achievable) goals, or writing to-do lists, planning ahead and being prepared is something that I’d like to work on, ESPECIALLY with a baby on the way.

What are some of Blair’s other traits that you admire?


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    1. She definitely isn’t perfect, but I think that she does a lot of growing throughout the series. It’s true she does a lot of questionable things.. but the thing about tv dramas is that if there’s no drama, no one will watch them. I wouldn’t ever want to be exactly like any tv show character for that fact. But you’re right, “teen” shows are ridiculous, especially when you have to keep reminding yourself that the characters are still in high school. I’m glad that was only for 2 seasons!!

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