happy day!

oh dear. this is the last Monday in August! That means that school starts again next week for a lot of people (and some are already back in school). Yikes! Summer went by in a flash, and I just know that the rest of this pregnancy/this term is going to go by in the same way also.

I won’t lie: last week was hard.  Between total lack of sleep, and being deeply hurt by someone who should have had more empathy, it was a pretty rough week and I was glad for it to be over.  I finished the week feeling pretty discouraged, and it’s not something that went away super fast.  The lack of sleep, and just being uncomfortable in my own skin being the pregnancy-related response to this didn’t help that fact either.  While there were definitely moments of great joy, overall the week was not great.

But I keep going back to this verse.  It was first given to me by a good friend of mine, and I’m glad that I can re-read it whenever I’m having moments like this.

Isaiah 41:10 - Fear Not.
I especially love the part about strength.  I feel that I really need some of that strength going into this week.  There is a lot happening this week (all good things that I am looking forward to) and I hope that I am able to go into them with as much joy as they deserve.

But, if all else fails, this is something that has been giving me a lot of pep this past week when I really needed it:

I just love the song.  The video has some problematic components, but I LOVE the general song! It’s so great!

What’s helping you get through this LAST WEEK OF SUMMER?!


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