fun gender reveal ideas

(that we can’t do)

We might not know what gender our baby is, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been inspired by all the ways other people have been posting or sharing their own gender reveal.  While our gender reveal will happen on the day of birth, I’m going to share some of the ideas of things that I might have liked to do if we had been able to know in advance:

Gender reveal photo. I want to do this.

Balloons are always fun. I like the idea of opening a surprise box and seeing a bunch of balloons float up.  Plus, I’ve seen some pretty adorable pictures of this idea in action.  I really wanted to do this with my parents and my husband’s parents as a small gender reveal thing… but no such luck!

Revealing the gender of your baby with a idea.
This idea is super cute! Everyone takes a bite of their cupcake at the same time, and it’s a sweet surprise.  Considering how much I LOVE cupcakes, this seems like something I might have done.

gender reveal paint photo shoot. I'm not pregnant, or married...... but I think this is adorable and would want this
Gender Reveal PAINT photo shoot! This one is kind of fun. Plus, a paint fight! I’ve always wanted to do that ever since I saw it happen in 10 Things I Hate About You (which is SO not like paintball at all…)

At the end of the day, all of this should be in good fun.  I am going to be happy with, and endlessly love the baby that I get. Some of the things I saw on Pinterest were a little ridiculous.  “Quarterback or cheerleader??” “Guns or Glitter??” “Cars and trucks or Ribbons and bows??”  “Baseball or Softball??”  Some of these kind of put a bad taste in my mouth.  What if your daughter doesn’t WANT to be a cheerleader, but loves PLAYING football? Why can’t guns be glittery?? Girls can like cars and trucks fyi. And boys can like ribbons.  I don’t think it’s fair to place these expectations on your baby for they’re even born tbh. :/  Whatever baby we get, they’re going to like what they want.  If it’s trucks and cars and football, great.  If it’s ribbons and bows and glitter, great!  If it’s a combination of the above, wonderful! I’m just excited about having a baby 🙂



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  1. I agree alysa! guns and glitter, footballs and pompoms don’t have to be gender specific. But then again, neither does colour 😉 Lol, for the balloon thing they should all be a generic white and have either a ‘b’ for boy or a ‘g’ for girl, haha! That would settle this whole gender specific thing once and for all! (or maybe not, i dunno)

    1. that’s a good point, Rachel 🙂
      I’m not planning on dressing a girl in only pink and a boy in only blue. I like pink so our baby will probably wear pink no matter what gender!

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