Happy Fringing!

How is FRINGE going for everyone? It’s been so busy for me!  It’s 6 days in (halfway!!) and I have only seen 2 shows (so far), but both were amazing!!  If I were you, I’d check out Watch Out WildKat!! And Big Fat Drag Queen.  Great fringing.

Here are some other things that are making me happy this week:

My spider story may have been inspired by this bug story, and this spider story. I know these feels. Bugs are the worst and should not be inside. Just sayin’! 😉

Nutella + chocolate = best fondue recipe ever!!

This game is so fun! You get dropped somewhere on street view, and you have to figure out where in the world you are.  Super fun (and can be quite tricky!) That is the Famous Places map, but there are other maps you can do as well 🙂

old song but I am OBSESSED with it! <3

Have a lovely week!


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