The Saga of the Spider

or… Why I’m Not A Real Grownup

dress: Keiko Lynn // scarf: Wet Seal // flats: Joe Fresh // bracelet: Pandora // necklace: gift


So last week, my husband deserted me to spend some quality time in the outdoors at his family’s cabin.  He was gone for 9 days (or 10 sleeps!!) and it was ROUGH.  Let’s just say that I learned a little bit about myself that week, in that… I’ve somehow lost the ability to sleep alone.  To start the week, I had two sleepovers to get used to the idea of sleeping alone.

Anyway, it was my last night alone! I had thought about having another sleepover, but decided against it because I wanted to go to bed super early and be really well rested for a busy day on Sunday.  I had just gotten all tucked in and ready for bed, right as I was about to turn off the light
Thunder.  Well, I obviously can’t fall asleep during a thunderstorm.  So I decided to watch an episode of Gossip Girl on my laptop in bed until it dies down.

I was about halfway into the episode when the storm starts getting quieter.

And that’s when I saw it.

A spider… in my room, walking into the closet like it owned the place.

Then it stopped. So I quickly got up and grabbed the RAID from the hallway that I had purchased the week before, like the genius that I am.  I ran back into the room and started spraying.

The spider didn’t like that very much, so it ran under the bed. Where I couldn’t see it… at all.

And so, my early night ended up being a late night. A late night filled with episodes of Gossip Girl… while waiting for the spider to make another appearance. Then, sleeping with the lights on just in case.  I finally turned off the lights when the sun came up at 5am.

Because I am a real grownup.  Couldn’t you tell?


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