Fringe Shows I wanna See!

There are over 170 shows at this years Winnipeg Fringe Festival, so it’s really hard to decide which ones I’m going to see.  Since I’ll be living in the exchange for the next week and a half, I figure that I will be able to see AT LEAST 10, but I’m hoping for more! (I have planned for 16)  Here are some of the shows that got my attention:

1. Chubrub Cabaret

2. The 11 O’Clock Number! An Improvised Musical

Improv? Musical? What could be better?

3. Mother Mine

4. Wanderlust

5. Red Hot Mama: A Sophie Tucker Cabaret

6. The (Improvised) Bachelorette

7. Godspell

8. Mennonite’s Guide to Save Street Fighting 2: This Time It’s Cultural


What Fringe plays are you looking forward to?


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