Happy Day!

Oh goodness! We’re about one week away from the beginning of the Fringe Festival! So much has been happening with preparing for it, that it seems like it came up so fast, and there is still so much left to do.  I’m excited to look through the program and pick which plays I’m going to go see.  The entire 12 days is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to get started.

Here are a few other things that are making me happy this week

This excellent reminder about the Bible! Sometimes while reading the Bible I question why certain things are in there. Especially in the old testament, where there is a lot of war, killing, and violence.  It’s good to remember that the GOSPEL is the most important part.

I LOVE this video! So funny, and a great parody 🙂

This list of 17 things you have to do to be a good leader!  Especially as a youth leader, this list is awesome!

A little list of things to do to avoid being cranky when you’re tired.

How the movie Frozen was promoted on the other side of the world. Even better than how it was promoted here tbh!

Have a great week!


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